How to Create and Remember a Strong Password

A man trying to clip a password from a screen
Image by Psyomjesus. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Never ever do the mistake of repeating the same password for multiple websites, however strong it might be. This can be disastrous for you, as by any chance if your account is hacked, you could lose control of all your accounts. This mistake can cost you big bucks if you have used the password in online bank accounts. In fact, it can destroy the privacy of your entire data on various service providers.

Always avoid common Passwords

Another trick is to select a base password and then keep on modifying it as per the service you are signing for. Find a good base password which you can rely on and remember always, while you make changes and modifications to your base password. In this case, you need to remember the base password in which could include letters as well as numbers. Modifying this main password by varying the spellings can be a good alternative. The only disadvantage of using this kind of a method is that you might forget the replacement of the letters or numbers you used.

Start Mixing Words

In order to make your password extra strong, use a string which has a combination of numbers, letters as well as special characters. The characters you use should be randomly taken without following any fixed pattern. Substituting numbers instead of words especially O instead of 0 or vice versa and also adding special characters can further add a twist to the password, thus making it more secure.

Reverse Your Words

After deciding your final passwords, make sure to check their strength by using some websites which tell you how strong your password is and how long it will take actually for anyone to crack it. Some websites also check your password and term the strength as weak, medium or strong.