Choosing the Best Dress According to Your Body Type

A woman in a red dress sitting by a lake
Image by Zigmars Berzin. Source: Pixabay.

Many times we hear people saying that zero figure is the right body figure for women, and we try our best to fit in that picture. But interestingly, there is nothing like “the perfect body figure and structure.” Being fit is something that we all need. However, when it comes to picking dresses, it is important to keep in mind the body type that we have to look the best. In general there are four body types, circle: thick around the middle, rectangle: straight top to bottom, hourglass: curvy and evenly proportioned throughout, and triangle: heavy bottoms. Here is how you can dress.

1. If you are a circle:

If you have a heavier waist, the simple rule is to avoid the clothing item that tends to highlights that area. This means getting away from those waist clinching tops and kurtis, belts and high rise pants. Go for clothes that are loose around your midriff while fit snugly elsewhere. A few options in this regard could be slim fit pants, loose tops and kurtis, etc.

2. If you are a rectangle:

The problem with rectangle body types is that it makes you look a bit boyish as the curves are missing. You should go for dresses that bring out the femininity in you. Some good options are tight jackets, flare skirts, etc. Try to use more of belts as it helps in accentuating your midriff area.

3. If you are a Triangle:

People having triangle figures have broad shoulders and upper areas with narrower waists. If you have the same body type it is advisable to avoid skinny jeans and leggings while opting for flared up pants instead. Don’t go for loose tops as they make you look broader. Instead go for fitting varieties.

4. If you are an hourglass:

With an evenly proportioned body, it is important that you highlight the curves in the right way. Anything that is shapeless and over-sized should be avoided. The simple rule here is to look for clothing items that bring out the curves and not cover it up. Some good options in this regard will be slim fitting jeans, tight short tops, belts, etc.

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Happy Styling!