5 Amazing Facts About Your Body That You Did Not Know!

You will amazed how amazing the human body is!

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Image by Виталий Смолыгин. Source: Public Domain Pictures.

Our bodies are fascinating, we start from a single cell and develop into functional creatures in a relatively short time (unless you’re a woman carrying a child, because those 9 months would feel like ages). But that’s hardly the most amazing thing about us, there are many other things, and there’s a chance that you don’t know about them. So, we decided to share some of them with you, here are some of the most amazing and crazy facts about your body that would probably shock you!

1. Human bodies are powered by bacteria!

Yes, those tiny organelles that we call powerhouses (mitochondria) are technically bacteria! Or, at least that’s what science say, you still don’t buy it? They have their one membrane that resembles that of the bacteria, their own DNA, and they reproduce independently from the cells, imagine them as your permanent residents but they pay you rent as energy (ATP molecules).

2. Our body can survive extreme conditions.

This one is obvious, but humans are one of the species that can live almost anywhere one earth, from the high temperature Sahara to the freezing temperatures near the poles. They can also survive without several organs, such as the stomach, colon, appendix (most of the intestines actually), spleen, one kidney, one lung and there is a recorded case of a British man who survived with only 10% of his brain matter! Needless to say that it can also survive a fair amount of time with no water (3 days) or food (up to 40 days)! But that varies from one individual to another.

3. You have a stomach acid that can digest even zinc.

This one seems right out of a fiction story, but it’s true, your stomach acid is that powerful but don’t you go on eating metal (it’s okay to listen to metal though). You might ask a question, if it’s that powerful how come your stomach don’t get digested? Well, that’s another amazing facts about your body, the stomach lining can regenerate really fast! It takes 3 to 4 days to the whole lining to be replaced, it also has a protective mucus coating.

4. Your ears can clean themselves.

The out growing lining of the ear pushes the excessive wax outwards and it falls out with the shaded cells of your skin, so throw away those cotton swabs because your ears don’t need you to clean them, in fact you might hurt your ears or cause wax impaction using those swabs, instead just clean the outer margin of your ears.

5. You change your outer skin every month.

Apparently, snakes aren’t the only creatures that shed their skins, we do it as well and more frequently! Except, in our case it happens gradually and constantly, the average person sheds about 40 pounds of skin in his lifetime!

Did you know all of these facts? Tell us in the comment section, and share with us other facts you know.