Cleavage Is Not Over, But There Are Other Ways To Show Skin

Tips about fashion from the passionate journalist and blogger Jeniffer Varela

Rosie Robinson
Image by Lies Thru a Lens. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Once again, Vogue did it. Being the “Fashion Bible,” the magazine has spent years making controversies that get headlines all over the world.  This time, it was the British edition that included the delicate point everyone is talking about. In an advance of their December issue, they started to advertise the article Desperately Seeking Cleavage, written by Kathleen Baird-Murray, who says that latest trends are showing us a leaning towards choices of clothes that cover the breast area. The author cites cases like Alicia Vikander with a high-necked Louis Vuitton dress at the Golden Globes, or the rise in popularity for Gucci’s Pussybow blouse.

Although those two examples fit perfectly in her case, it is fair to say that, as many people have stated because of this debate, body parts should not be a trend. It is simple: you can’t remove or add anything based on trends. If you like bigger breast, you should be able to go and get it. But what you actually can do is make fashion work on your behave and take the most advantage you can out of it.

Texas Renaissance Festival - 2010
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How can you accomplish this? By knowing your body very well and be aware of what works on it. Also, by identifying what you’re comfortable with out of all the options out there. Let me set an example. I can be described as ‘flat-chested’ (a B cup size says that as well) and for most of my teenage years, I wanted to have surgery. Luckily for me, I got into modeling at 17 and realized my body was beautiful the way it was and I learned I just needed to work with what I already have. That field I work for about 5 years not only taught me confidence, it also opened the fashion door for me.

So… you can show cleavage if you want? Of course! The key is to learn how to do it in a tasteful way. If you’re on my team, you can also show some skin in the front, it will look beautiful. If you prefer other ways to show skin, you can do it. Everything works, because that responsibility is on you. Let’s show you how.

Long Live To The Cleavage

A woman showing cleavage
Image by Jerone2. Source: Flickr.

Ever since we’re little girls we’re taught that breast are a part of feeling like a girl, right? But there are all kinds of girls out there, ones with bigger or smaller boobs. And both can make a beautiful cleavage work. When? When it’s time to dress up and going to a party or a fabulous ever. The curvy girls with the bigger cups should think about examples like Salma Hayek or Christina Hendricks, ladies who definitely know how to work with Mother Nature’s gifts. The key for a beautiful cleavage on big breast is to give this area the support it needs without making it look too tight. Most of the girls don’t feel confident about going braless or showing too much, so there’s always the option of wearing special underwear that will give you a little bit more of support. Do you want to wear a V-neck top to the club? Go for it, but just try to keep everything else balanced. Remember, if you’re wearing something revealing on the top, the bottom should be more discrete. And always keep in mind that the line that separates bold form vulgar is very, very thin.

Things to avoid? Extremely flashy fabrics or prints, because that will add extra volume. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable, ask a friend (an honest one, please) for her opinion. If you’re still not convinced, then move to the next idea. It doesn’t always have to be a very bold top or dress. Cleavage can also come in small doses, like v neck t-shirts, scoop, and square necklines, that would give you and your outfit a little bit of skin, but will leave a lot to the imagination.

As for the small cup gals, there’s also hope and rules. Everyone keep saying that it’s so easy because you can basically wear everything and not get worried about the underwear. But, as we previously said, there are different types of breast and the girls with the smallest ones sometimes also face the problem of support. The advice is the same: go for special underwear. And for the ones who don’t need it, here’s one thing that you will need and that will also be really useful: nipple covers. Thank me later.

V-neck top parts look really beautiful and classy with a small cleavage but keep in mind that it can also look trashy. There’s no need to show it all if you don’t like it. Pieces with transparencies can be a good option if you’re concerned about showing too much. Besides that kind of neckline, the strapless is an excellent option for you. If your body shape is triangle or pear, a halter neckline will do wonders, because it will create the illusion of volume. And this past few seasons have been all about ruffles, so you can use that in your favor to create some ‘volume’.

And What About The Other Skin?

A girl in a dress bounces in happiness in nature
Image by Adina Voicu. Source: Pixabay.

In case you forgot, there are some other options besides cleavage that will allow you to be sexy and show some skin. The most classic one: the legs. Using a skirt or a dress is an easy way to feel empowered and feminine. But remember to keep it classy and not wear an ultra-short skirt. No one wants to see you pulling it down all day, especially in corporative environments. If possible, wear your skirt or dress with heels to create an elongation effect.

A woman on a black motorcycle during daytime
Image by Pixabay. Source: Pexels.

I’ve saved my favorite way of showing skin for the last because I think is the classiest and most discrete way of being sexy: displaying the back. This is a trick that will work for both small and big breasted women. No matter what your size is, showing off your back will always look classy. Then again, it’s a matter of balance. If you’re showing the back, you might want to keep the front covered. Key tip: for a better effect, try an up-do in your hair. If the look allows it, throw some stunning earrings in the mix and you’re good to go.