3 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Should Avoid

Learn the beginner's mistakes of Yoga with Janet Suzanna and try to avoid them.

Women doing yoga
Image by Taro Taylor. Source: Flickr.

As beginners, we tend to explore what we do with curiosity and make mistakes along the way even if we start doing what we learnt. This is quite common since all beginners go through that stage. Having said that, here are 3 common mistakes all yoga beginners should avoid.

1. Not Knowing What You Want To Achieve From Yoga

Despite being a relaxing sport, Yoga is still a very broad spectrum in general. Besides liking Yoga as what most beginners do, you need to know what you want to achieve and how to go about fulfilling your objectives. You also need to have a plan to enable and get where you want to go step by step.

But, if you do not have a plan or any idea of where you want to go or what to do, it is best to have a professional instructor to help you instead of doing everything on your own.

They will first try to get to know you. Such as your personality, family background, hobbies and occupations. Then they will go about discussing with you your goals, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses before coming up with a plan that best suits you.

Women practicing yoga
Image by Eli Christman. Source: Flickr.

2. Jumping Into Yoga Without An Objective Or Plan

Although I have already mentioned in first point, I like to emphasize on this again. If you do not have an objective or plan and just learning for fun, Yoga might not be suitable for you in the long run. The reason being should you encounter any problems or setbacks, you will give up eventually. That is the mindset of most humans when they are just doing something for fun without any real purpose in life.

Like everything else be it sports, martial arts or just driving, there is a process and learning curve you need to face and go through. I know it is not easy and can be demanding at most times but this is what eventually separate successful people from just wannabes.

Even though this is very common in classes, this will be beneficial to you and everyone learning Yoga in the long run. The only question is are you willing to do what it takes to master Yoga.

If you are, age and fitness will no longer be the deciding factors for you as you probably notice that most people are just like you whether they are old or young. The only difference is what works for some people might not work for anybody.

So you need an instructor to show you not just the right way but one which suits you best in terms of your fitness level and interest.

Besides learning, you get to know and make friends with them who are just as eager to learn Yoga as you.

Moreover the fees those classes charged are based on the sessions you actually attend rather than what you registered as a whole package at most schools.

Still as I said before, you need to have an objective and a plan before jumping into Yoga.

A man and a woman doing the acro yoga pose
Image by Earl McGehee. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

3. Selecting The Wrong Instructor

In the olden days, you need to be an apprentice starting from zero before you can ever become a master in Yoga. But now most people prefer to learn Yoga over weekends due to their study and work commitments.

Besides the right schedule, finding the right instructor is just as essential.

Truth be told, a qualified instructor does not make a good instructor emotionally and an unqualified instructor does not make a bad instructor emotionally.

Still what really matters is that this instructor must know and have already succeeded in what he is teaching. The best way to find out this answer is not just from this instructor but from his or her students as well. For their answers – their truthful answers from their hearts – will be the deciding factor.

For the last thing you ever want is an instructor who does not know what he or she is doing.

Although Yoga is a great and relaxing sport, you need to avoid these three mistakes if you ever want to make your mark. Not just as a sport but as your passion as well.