We are Ezida! Nice to meet you!

The world has become one small village after the revolution of the Internet and technology. We see how people from different locations around the world get closer and closer to each other each day. It’s amazing, we love it, and we wanted to be a part of it. We may not touch the souls of millions, but that’s our dream, also, touching the soul of a single person somewhere in this world, a person that you don’t know, that you haven’t met before and will probably never meet, is something that means the world to us. We created Ezida because we wanted to touch souls, to reach out to people, and to tell them something meaningful, nice, scientific, or maybe just funny. But most importantly, something positive.

With people hanging out on the Internet more than they do in physical coffee shops, we wanted Ezida to be the companion for their cup of coffee. We want them to read something that will make their seconds, minutes, or hours with Ezida worth it, and relaxing. That’s why we, the people who work on Ezida, always say, “Ezida works best with a cup of coffee.”

Who we are

We are just regular people who met on the Internet, from different parts of the world. We shar a similar vision with each other and we wanted to reach out to people from all parts of the world and connect with them, in one way or another. We decided to start this project in order to meet more people, put a smile on their lips, and add a friend to our list of global friends.

We live in different parts of the world and we want to add more friends and more countries to our list, to be united together, at least when we visit Ezida, and to forget about all of our differences, races, religions, and whatever names that keep pushing us further and further away from each other.


What is “Ezida”?

Finding the right name was the biggest issue we faced. After a lot of researching, we read an article about Nabu.

Nabu was the Babylonian god of wisdom and writing, worshiped by Babylonians, like, thousands of years ago, when civilization was just starting. Nabu had a temple called “Ezida” or “E-zida” as other sources mentioned. So, what a better name for a website like ours than the name of the temple of the God of wisdom and learning? It will be the eTemple of knowledge and learning about new things (e: stands for electronic, you know like mail and email :D). This is the story of the name Ezida.

Naming our website “Ezida” is a way of to represent our idea of connecting people on two levels, a horizontal and a vertical level. The horizontal level is represented by the fact that people from different locations from the world would be here, wandering in the rooms of this “eTemplate.” The vertical level will be represented by connecting our generation with a generation that lived thousands of year ago, a generation that used the name “Ezida” and connected it with knowledge, information, wisdom, and looking forward towards a different and more developed future.

We are a family of friends that would like to grow bigger, but most importantly, to create stronger bonds between each other. We would love to hear from you if you have something to tell us or share with us, just contact us at contact@ezida.org.